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Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts

All the way back in 1914, native Bermudian, Nathaniel Green, made shorter pants part of the uniform for employees at this tea shop. The hemmed shorts helped immensely in the island heat, and British troops stationed on the island during WWI soon took notice and made Bermuda shorts part of their standard dress for tropical and desert regions.

The shorts are made of lighter fabrics than the more traditional British wear common on the island, and the breathable cotton makes them better suited to the heat and high humidity that we’ll experience in August.

Fashions have come and gone since they first exploded onto the scene, but Bermuda shorts remain an essential part of the island’s identity. It’s common to see businessmen walking through Hamilton in the traditional high navy socks, with their brightly colored shorts and a blazer, and you’ll usually spot the Bermudan Olympics squad by their bright red shorts.

The Bermuda Olympic squad proudly sporting their Bermuda shorts even during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea

If you’re interested in finding a pair of your own, it doesn’t get much better than TABS – the Authentic Bermuda Shorts. Options come in a rainbow of colors, including several pinks (hint, hint) if you’re still picking your outfit for Friday night.