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Travel tips


Before you leave tomorrow, here are a few good reminders for the road.

·  Give yourself plenty of time – Most airports will have a recommendation for arriving early. Typically, two hours before your boarding time is sufficient for navigating any bag drop-offs, security, and gate navigation.

·  Pack the essentials – Whether you plan to carry on or check a bag, be sure to double-check for all the essentials you’ll need. Knowing you have device chargers, essential medications, itineraries, etc… will help you enjoy the trip much more. 

·  Drink plenty of water & pack a snack – Depending on where you’re traveling from and the number of connections your trip requires, you may be spending several hours on a plane or in an airport. Take an empty water bottle through security to refill at a water fountain before you board the plane, and pack snack bars or bags of nuts to help tide you over from any hangry feelings.

·  Don’t forget your mask – While the Hamilton Princess does not require guests to wear masks, some public spaces (including the public ferry) still do. It’s a good idea to take a few masks and keep one in your pocket whenever you’re out an exploring.

·  Download the local taxi app to your phone before you leave – If you’re planning to explore while in Bermuda, the Hitch App {link to getting around blog} is a great tool. It requires that your phone work internationally, but if you have service, you’ll be able to signal a ride and pay all from your mobile device. Taxis are one of the most reliable ways of traveling on the island, but they may not always be where you want them when you need them.