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Give Back Announcement

Give Back

Based in our Culture of Caring, Supplemental Health Care makes a special effort to give back whenever we host a larger company meeting. Our goal is to ensure that in addition to enjoying a city or exotic destination, we’re also able to leave the community a little better for having hosted SHC.

In Grand Cayman, we helped a local school build a garden to teach kids about agriculture and sustainability. In Vancouver, we supported the Foundry network by building personal care kits for homeless youth. We’ve donated clothing for job interviews in Chicago and helped military veterans transition into civilian healthcare jobs in San Diego.

This year, we’ll be working with a Bermuda based non-profit called Age Concern to support nursing care homes across the island. Founded n 1978, Age Concern supports Bermudian seniors through advocacy and by direct services.

In cooperation with government nursing facilities, we’ll be helping Age Concern support more than 200 residents across 15 facilities in Bermuda. A representative from Age Concern will attend our Champions Chat on Friday morning to share more about the group and receive our donations.