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Final Travel Protocol


We’re putting out a final reminder about Bermuda’s Travel Authorization Process. We’ve been watching the requirements closely and no changes have been announced.

Bermuda’s Quarantine Authority is a government agency that oversees all visitors to the island. Before you fly, you’ll need to apply for a Bermuda Travel Authorization through the official website. You’ll need your flight and arrival details to complete the form. You’ll also need to submit documentation for your current vaccination status with your request. *Note, you have the option to book a test for your return. At this time, you will not need to sign up for a test to return to the US. You can decline this option.

Once you’ve submitted the authorization, the Bermuda Quarantine Authority will review your request and send you an email link to submit a negative COVID-19 test before your flight. This must be an antigen test (PCR, NAAT, LAMP, or TMA) taken no more than 4 days before your arrival in Bermuda. When booking a test, look carefully at the expected result timelines. With many testing providers, PCR tests are sent out to independent labs and may take several days to return results depending on the lab’s capacity. NAAT tests are often processed on-site and usually return results within a few hours. You can usually book these tests at local pharmacies & clinics (i.e. Walgreens, CVS, grocery store pharmacies, etc.)

Once you receive your negative results, you will upload the documentation to your Travel Authorization and request final approval. You will receive an email with the final approval document to download, save, and print, if possible. Your airline will likely request that you submit your travel authorization as part of your check-in for your flight, and you will need to show your Travel Authorization document as you proceed through immigration and customs after landing. It’s also a good idea to have a copy of your proof of vaccination and your negative test results as a backup.

If you haven’t started this process yet, please do so immediately. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the party because of paperwork.