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What to Wear

If you’re thinking about what to wear for Champions Circle 2022, have no fear. We recently announced the event agenda, and here is some additional info on our suggested dress code throughout the event.

Welcome Dinner:

Keep it casual. Our welcome dinner comes after a day of traveling for most of our guests, and our goal is to have a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for everyone to meet and greet each other for the first time. Our event is outdoors, so while we’ll have some shade and the sun will be going down, plan to dress for the heat and humidity.

We’ll also be ending our dinner a little early this year to give everyone a chance to walk down Front Street to Hamilton Habour Nights. This is an outdoor market and festival that only happens on Wednesdays during the summer. It’s a great introduction to Bermuda and its culture, but you will be walking a few minutes down the road, so we recommend comfortable shoes.  Here are photos from previous years to give you a sense of what others will be wearing.

Awards Night:

Awards Night used to be our formal night for the event, but we won’t be asking anyone on stage and group photos aren’t required. That said, we will have trophies available if you and your team would like to take an “official” photo together, so you’ll want to plan for your outfit to potentially be memorialized on film.

Awards Night will include a pre-dinner cocktail hour outdoors and an in-door dinner with a presentation celebrating our winners. Recommended attire is cocktail casual, which may include a button-down shirt or polo, casual cocktail dresses, etc.

Think of this as picture night. No ties, coats, or gowns required, but also no t-shirts or bathing suits.


Dos: sundresses, sandals, pants
Don’ts: shorts, flip flops, jeans, t-shirts

Dos: Pants, collared golf shirt, button down
Don’ts: shorts, jeans, t-shirts

Below are guests from previous years modeling some appropriate style options.

Friday Night Pink Party:

Friday night is when we really get to have fun with it. Bermuda is famous for pink, from pink sand beaches to our famously pink hotel, and when in Bermuda, we want to do as Bermudans do. So we’re celebrating our final night of Champions Circle with a pink party at the National Museum of Bermuda.

Overall dress code is workplace-appropriate free-for-all, so feel free to break out your Bermuda shorts, your 80s pink Blazer, or that Flamingo costume you’ve been meaning to use. Our event will be held outdoors on a grass lawn, so dress comfortably for the heat and for walking on grass. We’ll also have our dance floor rocking this night, so be ready to move.

And it just so happens that a few of our guests from previous years were fashion forward enough to give us perfect examples here, too. Don’t ask us why they’re all on the left in the photos below, but it does make it easier for us.

We hope that this guide helps you plan your attire for Champions Circle 2022. Also make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes for your site seeing, a swimsuit for your beach run or for the hotel pool, and necessary hats/sunscreen/sunglasses for the sunshine you’ll be enjoying.

We’ll have more information coming soon on the weather to expect during our event, but generally plan for sun, heat in the 80s, and 100% humidity.