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Best Beaches on the Island


In Bermuda, you’re surrounded by beautiful beaches. Even driving down the road, you’ll see crystal clear turquoise water and pass stretches of shore every few minutes. That said, many of Bermuda’s beaches are separated by rock, and a few are even coves, tucked into rocky cliffs and requiring a little hiking to access.

There’s not direct beach access at the Hamilton Princess, but you can use the complementary hotel jitney (link to jitney post) to travel to the hotel’s private Beach Club. If you want you visit other beaches, hailing a taxi with the Hitch app is your best bet (Getting Around).

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay is the quintessential Bermuda beach. The wide stretch of pink sand draws big crowds, so this beach offers more amenities than most. Lifeguards are on duty, and there are options for renting towels, loungers, and snorkeling gear. Trails to the Eat and West connect to other local beaches.

Warwick Long Bay

Warwick is less tamed than nearby Horseshoe Bay. It’s less crowded and more secluded than the bigger beaches and offers hiking trails alongside pristine water and sand. Without lifeguards, you’ll want to be more cautious in the water. With few natural barriers and a steep drop-off, rougher surf or undertow can be aggressive here. You’ll find a bathroom in the parking lot before heading to the beach, but there are no bathrooms or changing rooms on the beach itself.

John Smith’s Bay

The same John Smith that you probably know from the Pocahontas story also created the first map of Bermuda, which explains his namesake beach on Bermuda’s South Shore. John Smith’s Bay offers great snorkeling in the summer with several nearby reefs and lifeguards.

Tobacco Bay Beach

Tobacco Bay is situated on the far East end of Bermuda in historic St. George’s parish. This beach is fully stocked with watersport rentals and a restaurant, and you’ll a range of beautiful fish swimming in the calm waters around the large rock formations.

Whether you’re looking for the hustle and bustle of bigger beach like Horseshoe Bay or a hidden gem with no crowds, Bermuda has a beach option to fit. Just about everyone on the island will be happy to make recommendations based on what you’re looking for and how much time you’re planning to spend.