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Bermuda’s Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves

In 1907, two Bermudian teenagers were playing a game of cricket. One threw the ball a little too hard and accidentally caused the discovery of a lifetime. While looking for the ball, the boys found a small hole in the ground. After a little digging, they discovered a massive subterranean cavern full of beautiful white crystalline stalactites.

The formations were caused by geological processes dating back to the Pleistocene Ice Age, around 1.6 million years ago. As oceans froze around the world, rainwater seeped through Bermuda’s natural limestone and formed cave systems throughout the island.

The wonders of the caves caused Mark Twain, likely the first tourist to go inside, to call them “the most beautiful cave in the world.” And a local Bermuda artist, Michael Frith, was thinking about those first teenaged explorers who ventured into an amazing unknown world when he cocreated the television show Fraggle Rock with Jim Henson in the 1980s.

Today, you can visit the Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave for tours through a uniquely Bermudan natural wonder. The caves stay a constant 72 degrees year-round, and you’ll want sensible rubber soled shoes for exploring.

You can book your tour in advance through their website. Adult tickets are $24 with tours entering every 30 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome, but you may have to wait in line.