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Be on the lookout for RSVPs


The time is finally here! RSVPs already going out, and as we get closer to the end of the fiscal year, we’ll begin inviting more attendees.

The bulk of our invites won’t go out until our fiscal year closes, which means that many of you will need to respond quickly to ensure that rooms, flights, and all of the other plans get made in time to enjoy Champions Circle 2022. 

So if you’ve already qualified, are on the bubble, or are planning to eke it out at the last minute, here’s what you need to know. 

When you receive your invitation, we’ll need to know a few key pieces of information.

1. Are you planning to attend?

The most important question of all! If you are planning to join in, we’ll want to verify the day you plan to arrive and what city you’re traveling from so we can get started on travel arrangements. 

If you plan to arrive before our event starts on 8/17, you’ll need to find your own place to stay. The Hamilton Grand Princess is booked up, so unfortunately, we can’t guarantee room availability at our event property. However, there are other smaller hotels in the area and private rentals & Air B&Bs across the island.

As an attendee, SHC will cover your travel authorization $40 fee, airfare, hotel room,  & meals. This year, we’ll provide dinners every night and breakfast Thursday thru Saturday. For lunches, we will provide each guest with $25 in room credit for Thursday & Friday. You can visit any of the on-property restaurants and charge the meal back to your room. At the end of your stay, the total $50 credit will be applied to your final bill.

2. What’s your shirt size?

What a strange question, huh? Almost like we have a special surprise planned. 

3. Are you bringing a guest?

We love to have guests at Champions Circle, but we need to plan meals and event spaces ahead of time. Each SHC employee is invited to bring along one guest, somewhat at their own expense. You’ll need to plan for your guest’s airfare, but all guests are invited to breakfasts and dinners each day. There is no guest meal plan this year, so you’ll need to plan for lunches on your own.

4. Vaccination and testing protocol

Remember that both you and your guest will need to comply with Bermuda’s current vaccination and testing protocols. We wrote a whole blog about it here, but at a high level, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated (no booster requirement) and receive a negative PCR test result before you arrive. You’ll need to complete a travel authorization process before you fly to submit this information and be cleared to enter Bermuda. SHC will reimburse the $40 application fee for both employees and guests.

5. Anything else we should know for the best experience possible…

We want to host a great event and show you a great time. If you have special travel requests, accommodation needs, or dietary restrictions, please let us know in your RSVP, so we can work with our travel agents, the hotel, and our caterers to give you the best possible experience.