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Are you passport ready?

This content has been archived. It may no longer be relevant

We’re 14 weeks away from kicking off our event down in Grand Cayman, and passport processing time is currently estimated at 10-13 weeks, not including mailing time. So if your planning to attend, trending, or on the bubble and hopeful, make sure you’re prepared with a password.

You must have a valid passport to travel to Grand Cayman! That applies to everyone — adults or children. If you don’t have a passport or your current passport expires within 6 months of your arrival date (8-17-23), start the process today. The government is very unpredictable on how long it takes them to process your paperwork.

For more helpful information, click HERE to find the passport location nearest you. You have the option to expeditated processing to bring the turnaround down to 7-9 weeks, but that’s still tight if you wait, so get started today!

We don’t want anyone with an invite to be left behind because of a little blue book.